There are many people in the world who need our help…  blag1.png

We work, earn money, aspire up on the career ladder, and then purchase material goods –buy new cars, even apartments, go to restaurants, have vacations at sea resorts,etc… A minority of us thinks of how much good and benefit we can bring to other people, by sacrificing something very small, something the absence of which wewon’t really notice. Even small instances, for example holding the door open for an old woman to pass, or giving a hand to a passer-by who slipped and fell down near us. That doesn’t happen very often. We are somehow always in a hurry, are late for meetings and do not devote the precious minutes of our time to unfamiliar people.

But even these seemingly insignificant examples are opportunities when our help is eventually much more valuable than our expenses. They often even have no money equivalent, but they are valued very high. In particular this refers to children, children who are ill or orphans. What we take for granted, they consider a real feast. What we do not value is of vital importance for them.

ALPE consulting firmly believes in making its own contribution to charity and in particular improving the life of children who are orphans or suffer from a serious disease.

Our company has already contributed to charitable causes and will continue to do so. Going forward, ALPE consulting is planning to grow considerably as an organization and with growth also comes an increase in possibilities to partake in charitable events and actions. For the near future we are planning new charity projects and we will keep you informed on our website.