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October 2, 2020 the next meeting of the Club of IT & Digital directors "я-ИТ-ы"

October 2, 2020 the next meeting of the Club of IT & Digital directors "я-ИТ-ы"
10/02/2020 02:15 pm
The Club represents IT & Digital heads of companies from all sectors of the country's economy and aims to develop the managerial and professional competencies of the Club members, as well as create a wide network of personal business contacts of the Club members.

This time, the participants will go to the company "SWISS KRONO", which has been successfully operating and developing in Sharya for 17 years, producing both sanded and laminated MDF and chipboard, as well as laminated flooring and wall panels. The company is a part of the Swiss group of companies SWISS KRONO Group, which today includes ten companies in eight countries: Switzerland, Germany, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, USA, France and Hungary. In almost all market niches in which the SWISS KRONO Group acts, it is a world leader.

After the tour of the enterprise, Alexey Novikov, Head of IT Department, SAPS / 4HANA Project Manager, will talk about the SWISS KRONO digital landscape.

The trip schedule is specially designed so that participants from Moscow could fully participate in the event. It is recommended for them:

Train 068Ы Moscow - Abakan
Duration of the trip: 11 h 26 min
Departure time: 10/01/2020 at 23:05 (MSK)
Arrival time: 10/02/2020 at 10:31 (MSK)
Arrival station: SHARYA

Also in the program:

• SINTO's comprehensive approach, industrial vision perspectives
• Forecasts and analytics for the release of new products
• Results of implementation of SAP MRP monitor solution
• Integration of SAP ERP and SAP BPC. What needs to be done with the SAP standard for the CFO to see the full picture of the company?

ALPE consulting company acts as the General sponsor of the event and represents ALPE Store - a store of digital components.

Those who, for some reason, cannot participate in the excursion and attend the event in person are invited to join the broadcast of the event on the YouTube channel: , which will start at 14:15.

Event program:



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