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The race Moscow-Vladivostok starts tomorrow

The race Moscow-Vladivostok starts tomorrow

On the 1st of August at 4 AM the unique bike race Moscow-Vladivostok starts on the Red Square. During the race 4 professional Austrian bikers will be permanently on the race replacing one another. It is the first attempt to go across the whole of Russia on a racing bike against the clock.

Within the framework of the biking race today on the 31st of July the second team (turn team) is arriving in Yaroslavl. The group will head for the venue to meet the first (main) team of the race. The first team has started from Moscow at 4.40 am and is heading for Yaroslavl with the speed of about 30 km per hour. The switchover will take place at a point situated about 100 km away from Yaroslavl. After the switchover all the participants will continue moving along the road to Kostroma. Each group consists of 2 sport bikers. Along the race route the bikers will pass 9700 km and 7 time zones from West to East.

This sport and humanitarian project is supported by the Federal economics chamber of Austria, by the Commercial Department of the Embassy of Austria and by a number of organizations and enterprises. One of the sponsors of the race are ALPE consulting и SAP CIS. These two companies have developed a mobile application which makes it possible to track the route of the race in the online mode.

The project tasks are to strengthen relations between the representatives of the Austrian Republic and Russia, to promote the idea of overcoming distances and of cultures coming close and of understanding between nations, to promote cooperation in sport and economics. The race will come to an end in Vladivostok on the 14th of August.

Additional information about the project and the team can be found at

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