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ALPE consulting continues to support “Road to Success”

ALPE consulting continues to support “Road to Success”

Another school year has passed for the children of the orphan boarding school in Reshma, Russia. ALPE consulting which specializes in implementation of SAP projects and ALPE’s employees have been for 3 years supporting the scholarship program for the orphanage  “Road to Success”. The goals of the program are to help kids improve academically, to encourage team spirit and cooperation, to develop imagination and teach them to learn for prosperity. The scholarships are presented quarterly, the winners are chosen based on results of the academic term. The recent trip to Reshma took place on the 20th of June 2015, the participants of the project congratulated kids on the end of the academic year and awarded them with the last scholarships this year. The children were proud and took pleasure in going out to the stage for their awards. This time there were 7 winners in the nomination “Learning star” indicating that the current school year was a success.

The administration of the orphanage thanked the project coordinators and awarded ALPE consulting with a gratitude letter.

The pictures from the trip are available at FB page:

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