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ALPE consulting took part in HR session as a partner: How to use analytics in HR processes management.

Kazan, August 12, 2015. ALPE consulting, one of the leading IT companies on the SAP implementation market, appeared a partner of the HR session organized by Headhunter, a leader among hunting and recruiting online resources.

The topic of the event “How to use analytics in HR processes management” determined Alla Svetlova’s, Solutions Sales Executive HCM/SuccessFactors - SAP CIS, presentation. Alla spoke about the features of SAP SuccessFactors solution – an HR system as a tool for supporting the company strategy in talent management. This platform serves to optimize the entire process of the search, recruiting, development, motivation, and retention of key employees of a company for achieving current and future business goals. The Cloud Solution SuccessFactors aims at 3 main targets: to set up the correspondence between the goals of the company and of all of its employees, to increase the efficiency of the personnel, and also to provide top management with information which is necessary to make prompt and balanced managerial decisions. The system provides the personnel motivation based on the benefits dependent on the performance (“pay for performance” approach, the headcount planning analysis capability and over 2000 other metrics for personnel assessment. Using the retrieved data the HR department and the company management receive accurate personnel performance indicators and can plan personnel depending on the business targets.

The HR session was held in Kazan, and due to this the following topics were brought up: the condition of the labor market in the Republic of Tatarstan, the wages level, dynamics of the new positions opening throughout the year, as well as the supply and demand structure in the region.

The event was attended by HR Directors, HR and recruitment managers. The audience took active part in the discussion about the labor market condition in the Republic and also shared experience of using the best HR practices in their companies.

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