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Industry 4.0 on the Agenda of ALPE consulting and SAP CIS

Industry 4.0 on the Agenda of ALPE consulting and SAP CIS

Moscow, 19th of April 2016. The German Manufacturing Day held as a part of the SAP Discrete Academy initiative was devoted to the 4th Industrial Revolution or Industry 4.0.

The event was jointly organized by ALPE consulting and SAP CIS with the support of Russian-German Chamber of Commerce.

The session was moderated by Volker Dunst, General Manager of ALPE consulting. In his opening remarks he pointed out that the main purpose of this event was to inform about the current status of Industry 4.0 and to set up a regular business forum as a way to help follow key global trends from the perspective of business and facilitate meetings between business people and their potential customers. The format chosen for the event is expected to become traditional.

Volker Dunst stressed that it is an honor to see such highly qualified experts from the companies who are already investing in Industry 4.0 as speakers of the event. He introduced Prof. Harald Kopp, from the University of Furtwangen, Germany, who is doing academic researches in Industry 4.0. And the following companies who took the opportunity to join the event for sharing their experiences in regard to Industry 4.0: Sika AG, Vaillant Group RUS, HOMAG Russland, Siemens (Digital Factory Division, Factory Automation).

“The focus on Industry 4.0 is extremely relevant. I am pretty confident about the future of this format, because it helps us to adapt changes in an agile manner, rather than just follow developments”, - added Alexander Koliukhov, General Manager of HOMAG Russland.

Arkadiy Dilman, Regional Account Manager, OOO Siemens, Digital Factory Division, and Factory Automation supported the view of the previous speaker. “Thank you for your contribution. For Siemens and for me it is a great pleasure to participate in such event”, - said Arkadiy Dilman.

The meeting started with a short presentation by the representative of the Russian-German Chamber of Commerce. Eleonora Dubinina, Deputy of Public Relations Department, made a report on the assessment of an actual economical climate and paid attention that despite the fact that today we all experience economical crisis the potential of Russian market is highly appreciated.

“Today it is obvious for everybody that the 4th Industrial Revolution is underway, and that its key trend is the increasing role of IT in manufacturing, - pointed out Volker Dunst, - the move toward innovation makes the companies to change the way they work. The biggest impetus for innovation is given by its key potential benefits such as efficiency and productivity. I believe, manufacturers understand it and are already making their first steps to Industry 4.0”.

“In 2011, the beginning of the 4th Industrial Revolution was announced at Hannover Fair, and Germany was destined to play a leading role in it. It was pointed out that the very existence of manufacturing in Germany depends on Industry 4.0. If the German manufacturing sector wanted to survive and thrive, it would have to lead the way in shaping the 4th Industrial Revolution. To accelerate the “internetization” of production facilities, the Industry 4.0 Platform strategy was developed, and the Industry 4.0 program was passed by the government”, - continued Volker Dunst.

Professor Harald Kopp from Furtwangen University, Germany, followed the speech: “The 1st Industrial Revolution was a revolution of steam engines; the second one was that of Henry Ford’s electric assembly lines. During the 3rd Industrial Revolution, the IT forced its way into industrial production. The 4th Industrial Revolution is coming about to fix the weaknesses of the third one – the productive forces are to become self-organizing, capable of receiving feedback from end-products, assemblies, machines, or appliances. The 3rd Industrial Revolution failed to enable interaction between the assembly components and the means of production. However, a machine must be ready to perform variable operations rather than just one fixed task. We are getting used to customization where a major factory can make products meeting requirements of individual customers. In other words, Industry 4.0 is about smart manufacturing. It is based on intelligent logistics which enables the factory to make its own decisions regarding the use of parts designed for specific end products. The means of production interact with each other independently, without any human intervention”.

“Only three years ago, the world began to enter the fourth industrial age. It was based on giving up the reliance on mineral resources in order to switch to renewable sources of energy in combination with the computerization and automation of production processes, and migration to digital additive manufacturing. Many experts still believe that the 3rd Industrial Revolution is in full swing and far from being over. Others are sure that everything that we are seeing out there now is a brand new process, and it is not for nothing that it is called the 4th Industrial Revolution. One of the key drivers of Industry 4.0 is the increasing integration of the CPS or Cyber Physical Systems into factory processes. The production facilities will interact with the products in the process of manufacturing and adapt themselves to new customers’ requirements on an-as-needed basis. There will be complete production stages that will not envisage any human intervention. It will be the manufacturing side of the Internet of Things that is penetrating the ecosystem in which we live so rapidly”, - pointed out Professor Harald Kopp.

It is expected that there will be multi-billion investments in Russia made jointly with German companies in the sector of digital manufacturing or Industry 4.0.

The formal part of the event was followed by a Q&A session. The guests could address their comments and questions directly to the speakers.

During the informal discussion the opinions split. Most participants of the forum thought that the 4th Industrial Revolution is well underway, while others insisted that it is too early for Russia to start activities here. However, nobody had any doubt that the world will go on toward Industry 4.0.

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