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SAP Project at BRF (Brasil Foods)

SAP Project at BRF (Brasil Foods)
On the 6th of October 2014 ALPE consulting started the SAP Roll-Out project in the Russian division of the company BRF. Globally BRF works with SAP system. 
At the moment the company is about to develop its retail business in Russia and it has been decided that all the business operations will be conducted in SAP. In the Russian division of BRF the local SAP system is installed, however, it currently only reflects financial operations which after a batch input are transferred to the global system. The final objective of the project is to fully integrate the Russian division to the BRF global system. 

The project will be implemented in 2 stages: the short term solution (launch of all the tools in the existing local system) and the system improvement (integration of the Russian division into the global system). In the first stage the local system service full capability in the functionality of sales, purchases, logistics and finances should be restored. In order to do this the current condition of the system is analyzed and the necessary changes are defined. The credit management, all the functions of material and financial flows follow-ups, the operations conduct in the online mode will be implemented. The system should be brought fully in line with the business and the Russian legislation requirements. The consultants’ tasks also include trainings of the users and help in organizing the accounting processes. The second stage of the project includes the full integration of the Russian division into the global BRF SAP system. Some changes in business processes as well as in the system settings should be made, for example, bringing in order the charts of accounts for the simultaneous work according to IFRS and RAS and all the management accounting parameters for the correct accounting according to the corporation rules. Also the logistic processes should be integrated and users authorization rules adjusted. 

BRF S.A. is a Brazilian company created in 2009 from the merger of Perdigão and Sadia. BRF is one of the ten largest food companies in the world and is in second place in profitability. BRF is represented in over 110 countries including Russia.

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