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Successful SAP project completion with SIKA AG

Successful SAP project completion with SIKA AG

Moscow 2016, ALPE consulting, one of the leading companies on SAP implementations in Russia & CIS and the Swiss SIKA AG, a leading specialty chemical company, announced the completion of a SAP roll out project based on the global template of SIKA AG in compliance with the Russian legislation. The productive system was successfully launched in January 2015.

The ALPE consulting team deployed SAP ERP totally in line with the project schedule. Then a contract was signed for further modification of business features with the main objective of giving up the workarounds of the initial implementation in order to migrate to the standard SAP functionality in subsequent upgrading of the system. This process required another 4 months, and, since November 2015, the project has been considered completed in full.

In April 2014 ALPE consulting, acting as a project implementation partner, began working on the deployment of the corporate template of the SAP system. The project envisaged introduction of standard modules, such as Finance, Controlling, Logistics (Inventory Management and Sales) and Manufacturing, as well as the integration with other SAP modules, such as QM and EHS.

Initially, SIKA AG relied upon SAP ERP ECC 6.0 EHP3, which comprised a number of business features failing to fully meet the requirements of the existing Russian legislation. Taking into account that SIKA AG was planning to migrate to EHP7 at the global level, ALPE consulting suggested that at the initial phase of the project an SAP ERP system with EHP7 functionality preliminarily copied from the demo system of ALPE consulting be deployed at the Russian subsidiary of the company. This approach helped to make the SIKA Russian branch business part of the global information space one year ahead of the schedule, and minimized the risks related to have the Group’s systems all over the world upgraded to EHP7.

Reality has shown that the approach chosen by ALPE consulting and SIKA’s global implementation team helped to avoid technical challenges and enabled cost savings in further potential system upgrading.

Christian Bertschinger, Head of SAP Finance HR and BI at SIKA Group AG, congratulated the project team on the successful launch of the production system and pointed out the outstanding level of coordination between the two parties, as well as the extraordinary results achieved by the ALPE consulting team.

Process automation based on SAP has made transparent the company’s accounts and tax returns, simplified the collection of accounting data, and accelerated the analysis of our units’ KPI’s,” said Sergei Berezovka, CFO of SIKA.

This project put in place a strong business-process chain based on a single information platform and thus increased the efficiency and agility of the company’s managerial decision making,” said Volker Dunst, General Director of ALPE consulting.

Dmitri Vishnevetsky, Deputy General Director of ALPE consulting and Project Manager, seconded Volker Dunst, “As an experienced customer SIKA managed to articulate their business goals very clearly. Moreover, they appointed dedicated personnel to enable effective collaboration with ALPE consulting over the entire life cycle of the project”.

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