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Race Across Russia kicks off this week

Race Across Russia kicks off this week

Moscow, 29th of July 2013 – A press conference dedicated to the unique project “Race across Russia 2013” was held in Baltschug Kempenski hotel.

On the 1st of August at 4 AM the “Race Across Russia – RARU 2013” starts in Moscow on the Red Square.

The target is to drive the distance of approx. 10.000 km from Moscow to Vladivostok on bicycle in less than 14 days and to set a world record.

Four Austrian bikers (Andreas Sachs, Robert Lang, Walter Zelenka und Michael Strasser) will be divided into 2 teams where each team drives 12 hours on a row changing the drivers within the team each hour and being replaced by the second team after 12 hours. This way the racers will be on the road 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and not longer than 2 weeks.

The bikers will be accompanied by 5 off-road vehicles Land Rover Discovery. During the trip the sportsmen will be supported by a team of 15 persons – doctors, experienced machine men, a cook, guides, as well as a shooting team and mass media representatives.

Austrian racers are determined to set a world record and also to show the world that Russia is a hospitable and a safe country for travelers as well as to discover the vast spaces of Russia in its beauty unknown to most foreigners and even to some of the Russian people!

Main sponsors of RARU 2013 are Landrover and SAP as well as companies like Metro, Media Markt, Continental, Luminarc, Fischer, Scott, ALPE consulting and others.

ALPE consulting has developed together with SAP a mobile application for Android and Apple which gives the possibility to track the actual position of the racers online and to be informed about the actual race status with blogs, photos and videos.

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