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Smart Value Retail Chooses Packaged Solution

Smart Value Retail Chooses Packaged Solution

Smart Value Retail is a new project in opening a network of food stores of the European format under the brand “OLIV’E”, having no analoguesin Russia yet. Its uniqueness is in the fact that it is the first project on the modern retail market to provide a combination of quality service and low prices for quality products, comfort, innovativeness, technocratic character. Stores will be full with various systems for the clients’ more pleasant and convenient shopping: information boards, addition of cash desks without cashiers, no security guards. The first store will be opened in July-August 2008.

Smart Value Retail Company needed a solution for efficient joining and optimizing all aspects of its activity from the very beginning, for best monitoring of business indicators and maintaining active expansion of Smart Value Retail on the market in future.

Besides, the following requirements were established due to the Smart Value Retail decision on tight schedule of entrance to the market:

  • The business solution shall be implemented within 4-5 months.
  • The project shall have a fixed budget.
  • A team of high-grade specialists shall work on the project.
  • Members of the team shall not change during the project.

The partner of Smart Value Retail in project management, consulting company Accentis CIS, reviewed the possible solutions and conducted a tender among the companies.

SAP, Oracle and All Data / Gold were considered among serious ERP solutions. After a comprehensive review, Smart Value Retail chose a new packaged solution SAP Business All-in-One Retail issued in January 2008 and ALPE consulting, representing it for the first time. The choice was conditioned by the following considerations:

  1. SAP Company has wide practical experience in implementation and is an absolute leader on the market of business software; its solutions are widely used in the field of retail trade in Russia.
  2. The packaged solution SAP Business All-in-One Retail for retail trade most fully meets the needs of Smart Value Retail – it contains the functions required for the business and can be implemented within short times.
  3. ALPE Consulting complies best with the requirements presented to the experience and qualification of specialists, and can guarantee quality fulfillment of the set tasks in accordance with the approved budget.

Consultants from ALPE consulting and its partner, company ExRP, were initially involved in testing SAP Business All-in-One Retail and it’s quite natural that ALPE consulting was the first to implement this solution.

The main advantage of the packaged SAP solution is the customer’s obtaining the working system directly after installation. That’s why ALPE consulting Company can guarantee tight schedules of implementation – no need to waste time for setting the whole system. After loading the basic data, it is possible to show all processes visually. This, in its turn, makes it possible to start personnel training almost at once after system installation.

One more important thing: installation of a preset solution helps to reduce the times of system adjustment to client’s requirements, because the gap (discrepancy between the processes within the packaged solutions and real processes) is small, about 15-20%. This, in its turn, allows accurate planning of the project budget from the very beginning.

Thus, it will not be an exaggeration to say that thanks to the packaged solution SAP Business All-in-One Retail in some situations the principle “Training, data transfer and work start!” can be followed.

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