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ALPE consulting co-hosts SAP CIS in a webinar on SAP BI solutions for chemical enterprises

ALPE consulting co-hosts SAP CIS in a webinar on SAP BI solutions for chemical enterprises

On 19th November 2015, ALPE consulting, one of the leading companies on SAP implementations in Russia & CIS, and SAP CIS, top ten of the largest enterprise software companies in the world, held a webinar for companies in the chemical industry.

The webinar was focused on SAP solutions in the field of Business Intelligence. A solution, offered by ALPE consulting, allows companies to alleviate the following main challenges:

  • difficulties with obtaining financial and industrial analytics - for example, out-dated or unreliable information on the margins in the context of production and distribution channels, complexity of consolidating financial data or receiving plan-fact reports;
  • limitations in the functionality of the solutions used - for example, insufficient flexibility of visualization means, limitation in performance of analytical subsystem and tools for data transformation / conversion and so on.

Within the framework of the webinar Arkady Terzi, Team Leader of "SAP Business Intelligence" of ALPE consulting, demonstrated to the participants the SAP BI analysis system and described in the detail the solution’s architecture. From the experience of working with companies in the chemical industry, Mr. Terzi identified four main units of interconnected indicators:

  • profitability;
  • margins;
  • cash flow;
  • efficiency.

Work of 3 key user categories, listed as below, can be demonstrated on the example of margins analysis. To fully meet the user’s requirements the following custom SAP BI solution were specified:

  • for company top management - SAP Business Objects Explorer (version for PC and Apple iPad) designated for search and quick data analysis; determination of dynamics and connection between various indicators, analysis of fluctuations and possibility of panel discussion of the results;
  • for business analysts / middle managers - Web Intelligence product, making it possible to develop a set of corporate reporting and perform data analysis "on request";
  • for department specialists - SAP Lumira product – enabling to receive data from all the possible sources and perform data preparation, create visual diagrams, assemble them in the form of representations and publish for further discussion at Lumira Cloud or BI company portal.

To implement the represented BI system, it is necessary:

  • clarify or modify with the company’s business users the algorithms of data collection and processing;
  • identify the system sources and provide their upload.

Finally, the benefits for business users and the customer IT department, upon implementation of a SAP BI solution, were summarized:

  • considerable reduction of time for receiving corporate reports;
  • relevance of data on the basis of building a unified corporate standards of data processing;
  • flexibility and independent work with reports by means of simple tools without the involvement of IT specialists;
  • reduction of the cycle for decision-making and increase of effectiveness.
  • relatively low cost of implementation and support;
  • flexibility and scalability;
  • quick modification and preparation of reports.

An active Q&A session took place at the end of the webinar.

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