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IMZO AKFA introduces an information system based on SAP ERP

IMZO AKFA introduces an information system based on SAP ERP

December 2016, IMZO AKFA (Uzbekistan) started to introduce an information system based on SAP ERP.

The project is intended to put in place an end-to-end management and accounting system (Form 1 “Balance Sheet” and Form 2 “Reports P and U”), and envisages the deployment of standard FI, CO, MM, SD, and WMS modules, as well as KLAES and LISEC interfaces. Additionally, ALPE consulting will provide a leased ERP server and technical support during the entire lease period.

This unique project has a number of special features, including close integration with a KLAES-based production line control system and a LISEC sealed unit production line.

The launch of the KLAES production line control system is scheduled for January 2017, while the ERP system will be launched 1 April 2017. This staged approach will enable smooth migration and reduce overall project risks. Further post-production support will be provided over two financial periods.

IMZO AKFA is Uzbekistan's first company specializing in automated manufacturing of windows based on European technology. Its factory is a highly successful and unique project. 16 November 2016, IMZO AKFA opened its first Partners’ Trading House in Uzbekistan.

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