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ALPE consulting at SAP Forum 2015

ALPE consulting at SAP Forum 2015

ALPE consulting participated in the SAP Forum Moscow as a Bronze Sponsor. The largest SAP conference in Russia was held on the 9th of April 2015 at the exhibition center “Crocus Expo”.

The visitors were heartily welcomed at the ALPE consulting corporate booth. During the Forum the company experts presented a specially developed demo solution which allowed comparing two ERP systems based on Oracle and HANA. For instance, with 100.000 notes, the time for forming the turnover balance sheet was 3 minutes in Oracle and was about 39 seconds in SAP HANA. Besides, the SAP HANA database capacity was half as little as the Oracle database capacity.

Also, the ALPEconsulting corporate booth was ranked in the TOP-10 at SAP Forum based on the visitors’ opinion.

More detailed information about SAP Forum 2015 can be found here. 






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